4000 12 Inch Natural Pine Hook Ladder

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The 4000 12 Inch Natural Pine Hook Ladder from M&M Bird Toys is a straightforward and easy to use hanging ladder. This classic ladder is great for cages and aviaries.

This ladder is made from unfinished natural pine, and has (2) stainless steel hanging hooks on top. The hanging hooks can be turned in placed to best adjust the ladder for the aviary its being installed in. The ladder side rails and runs are all round dowels and can be chewed on. This ladder has (10) ladder rungs total.

Simple ladders like these are essential cage supplies. This ladder can be used as a hanging ladder and also to span different levels in the cage. As the ladder is made from natural pine its completely bird safe. The rungs and rails provide an excellent chewing surface for pets as they climb. Hang additional materials from the ladder to increase the fun. This item is ideal for providing an exercise toy in the cage.


Height: (12) inches or (30.5) cm

Width: (4.25) inches or (10.8) cm

Depth: (0.5) inches or (1.3) cm

Weight: Under (3) ounces

100% bird safe

Individually hand-packed in our small shop

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Needed a long ladder. This one is perfect...

Needed a long ladder. This one is perfect.

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