3527 Big Beak Stainless Jangler

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The 3527 Big Beak Stainless Jangler from M&M Bird Toys is a unique super heavy duty foot toy. This toy is designed to stand up to large birds and thrill them with its interactive parts.

This toy includes (1) Big Beak Stainless Jangler ready to play with. This toy has a fully stainless steel large rectangular frame that includes a big stainless steel roller on the front. On the back of the foot toy there are forged grooves where a large stainless steel swing arm comfortable rests. This arm is completely smooth and effortlessly swings back and forth. On either side of the foot are (1) sturdy metal ring that dangles a stainless steel flat plate that wraps around a stainless steel pulling hoop. These plates and hoops can turn within the ring and slide all around the outside of the toy. 

The unique, easily movable parts let this foot toy change its shape constantly. Whenever the toy is played with all pieces will jangle about making for a thrilling bird experience. The toy can be configured into a fun almost puzzle like setup that pets love to try to take apart. The cleanly punched holes in the metal plates add more places for beaks to grab and pull. All the surfaces on the toy are smooth and a pleasure for beaks and feet to explore. The foot toy makes wonderful bird pleasing sounds when played with.

This handmade bird toy is 100% bird safe and designed to last for countless play sessions.


Length: (4.25) inches or (10.79) cm

Width with Swing Arm Raised: (3) inches or (7.62) cm

Thickness: (0.5) inch or (1.27) cm

Frame Bar Gauge: (6) mm

Weight: (3) ounces  

A bird safe heavy duty foot toy

Individually hand-crafted by Mai in our small Florida shop

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Excellent product! By double yellow headed...

Excellent product! By double yellow headed amazon absolutely loves this toy. His new favorite!!

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