3011 Large Pipe Chime Ringer

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The 3011 Large Pipe Chime Ringer from M&M Bird Toys is a big and durable hanging bird bell. This brightly colored aviary ringer is perfect for cages of all types.

The top of this bird toy includes a heavy duty quick link connector. This supports tons of pulling fun. A welded link chain hangs from the connector down the top of the pipe bell. This chain has links that are welded shut to better increase the durability and prevent pets from prying them open. The last link in the chain sits straight up on the pipe bell as it has been welded in place. The pipe bell is made from a solid pipe and has a welded clapper inside. This means that the bell ringer hangs from a solid structure making it very tough. The clapper also sits above the bottom opening of the bell preventing pets from grabbing it.

The pipe bell and chain are both powder coated and share the same bright color. Powder coating is resistant to all types of impacts and is bird safe. The bell makes a typical classic bell ring when played with. Simple bird toys like these are perfect for pets of all ages.

This high quality bird bell is a USA manufactured item and has excellent durability.


Height: (9.5) inches or (24.13) cm

Width: (2) inches or (5) cm

Weight: Under (7) ounces

A bird safe classic cage bell

Individually hand-packed by Mai🌼 in our small Florida shop

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Thanks. just what I wanted.

Thanks. just what I wanted.

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