1404 Small Rattan Perch

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The 1404 Small Rattan Perch from M&M Bird Toys is an all natural and comfortable aviary perch. This perch provides a safe and comfortable place for pets to perch and rest.

This perch is made from a length of natural rattan wood. Rattan is similar to bamboo in its feel except that its core is solid instead of hollow. Rattan provides a wonderful material for pet birds as its comfortable for their feet to rest on and can be chewed apart by beaks. The perch has a grooved natural wood texture with lots of holes, knots and bumps. This gives plenty of places for gripping beaks and grabbing beaks to hold onto. On the rear of the perch there are (2) large pan washers that kept on a threaded core by a metal wing nut. These washer clamps grip onto cage bars and make for a sturdy installation in cages.

This perch is great to use for small size pets like Budgies, Parrotlets, Lovebirds, Canaries, Finches and more!

Each perch will be slightly different in shape, size and appearance as these are natural items.

[Approximate Specifications]

Length: (8.5) inches or (21.6) cm

Thickness: (0.75) inches or (1.9) cm

Weight: Under (3) ounces

A bird safe natural perch

Individually checked for quality and hand-packed by Mai in our small Florida shop

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I highly recommend this! It keeps my parro...

I highly recommend this! It keeps my parrotlet's beak and nails in good shape. He loves using it, and I'm happy to see that he does.

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