1402 Large Pedi Perch

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1402 Large Pedi Perch Mandarin Bird Toys by M&M- Beak and Feet Conditioning Large Aviary Perch, Easy to Use, Simple Bird Appealing Design, Comfy Feel

The 1402 Large Pedi Perch from M&M Bird Toys is an easy to use natural colored perch. This large size perch is great for conditioning birds beaks and feet.

Each pack includes (1) Large Pedi Perch ready to install and interact with. The perch has a natural beige color that blends into any cage environment. The perch has a slight curve in its shape that makes it easy for pets to grab onto. The perch surface has a fine gritty pedi texture thats perfect for grinding down nails and beaks. The back of the perch has a small threaded core sticking out. This has (2) large pan washers installed with a shiny wing nut holding them in place. These pan washers and the wing nut hold the perch securely to cage bars.

All parrots beaks and nails grow constantly. These pets require items that allow them to grind down these body parts to keep them in the proper size and shape. Pedi perches are an excellent way to provide a sturdy, fun to use, interesting item that conditions beaks and feet simply from pets interacting with it.

This medium perch is ideal for medium and large pet birds including: Amazons, African Greys, Macaws, Cockatoos and more.


Length: (12) inches or (30) cm

Width: (1.25) inch or (3) cm

Weight: Under (7) ounces

A bird safe pedi perch

Individually hand-packed and checked for quality by Mai in our small Florida shop

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