1081 Bagel Biter Shred Ball

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The 1081 Bagel Biter Shred Ball from M&M Bird Toys is a super foraging hanging delight. This bird toy is great fun for pets to dig into with their beaks and feet.

At the top of this foraging bird has a quick link included. A sturdy small link chain hangs from the connector and dangles down to a small length of sturdy metal wire. This wire has been adorned on top and bottom with natural wooden beads and cardboard shreddy squares. The body of the bird toy is made from a natural woven vine ball thats been completely stuffed with brightly colored shred paper. This shred paper is colored with eco-friendly dyes making it pet safe. The vine ball has many pieces of natural woven rattan forming a large sphere. The wire has a loop on top and bottom with the lower loop dangling a plastic circle that hangs (4) colorful cardboard chew bagels.  

This toy is very enticing in any aviary. The natural vine is a treat for any bird and the shred paper has many crinkly pieces hanging all over. The donuts on the bottom wiggle about anytime the toy is played with. This toy is very lightweight letting pets of all breeds grab and enjoy. 

This handmade bird toy is 100% bird safe and varies slightly in shape and size as the vine ball body is completely natural.


Height: (10) inches or (25.4) cm

Width: (4) inches or (10.6) cm

Weight: Under (2) ounces

A bird safe foraging toy

Individually hand-crafted by Mai🌼 in our small Florida shop

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Given 5 stars

Birds love this toy! Very well made! Packa...

Birds love this toy! Very well made! Packaged nicely and arrived on time. Highly recommend!

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