1089 Leather Donut Chewer

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The 1089 Leather Donut Chewer from M&M Bird Toys is a straightforward beak pleasing hanging toy. This handmade toy is a delight for pets to grab and chew.

At the top of the toy a quick link connector is included for fast hanging in the aviary. From here a sturdy link chain hangs down to a sturdy metal ring that loops around the colorful chew donut ring. This ring is made from many layers of compressed cardboard that have been formed into a tube. The outer layer is brightly colored and each layer is great fun for pets to peel back with beaks and feet. Dangling in the middle of the ring are (3) smaller translucent acrylic rings connected with another shiny sturdy metal ring. All around the donut are (5) lengths of natural USA sourced vegetable tanned leather strips. These have been tightly knotted with a custom chunky pattern and have (2) dangling legs each.

This bird toy satisfies grabbing feet and biting beaks. Leather and cardboard are excellent chew material for pets. The straightforward design of the toy makes it easy to introduce to new pets and birds of all different temperaments. The cardboard chew donut can have other material added to it to increase the fun.

This handmade 100% bird safe chewy bird toy ships in assorted colors for the chew donuts and acrylic rings.


Height: (10) inches or (25) cm

Width: (10) inches or (25) cm

Depth: (1) inch or (2.5) cm

Weight: Under (3) ounces

A bird safe chewing toy

Individually hand-crafted by us in our small Florida shop

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