1079 Big Bear Ringing Puller

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The 1079 Big Bear Ringing Puller from M&M Bird Toys is an interactive hanging bird toy made with natural USA sourced vegetable tanned leather parts.

On top a quick link connector is included with the toy. A small sturdy link chain hangs from the quick link and dangles down to a sturdy metal ring that hangs the bear head. The ring passes through a cleanly punched hole with (7) more holes on the bear head. The link chain has been adorned with a natural wooden cylinder. The bear head is a single leather piece and has lots of parts all around. From the ear holes dangle (2) sturdy metal rings that hang metal bells. The nose has a natural leather strip knotted through holding a colorful plastic bead. The bottom two holes dangle (2) natural leather legs that have even more beak and feet pleasing items. From these legs are multiple chunky knots that hold colorful plastic beads, natural wooden chew beads and natural leather hearts.

This bird toy creates lots of stimulation and noise as its played with. The natural leather legs can be pulled up and down making for a fun game. More materials can easily be added to the toy by hanging it from the other punches holes. The parts on the toy are also appealing toy pets of all breeds and blend in wonderfully in cage environments.

This handmade bird toy ship with assorted colors for the plastic beads.


Height: (11) inches or (30) cm

Width: (4) inches or (10) cm

Depth: (2) inches or (2) cm

Weight: Under (4) ounces

100% bird safe

Individually hand-crafted by us in our small Florida shop

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Adorable and great quality. Shipped super...

Adorable and great quality. Shipped super fast! Good size as well for a medium size bird like my caique.

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