1067 Mini Leather Twisty Spider

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The 1067 Mini Leather Spider from M&M Bird Toys is a delightfully fun to play with small toy. This bird toy has chewable parts to satisfy beaks and feet.

At the top of the bird toy there is a quick link connector. This makes for easy hanging in the aviary. The (4) leather legs of the bird toy tightly wind and knot around the bottom of the hanging connector. This creates an interesting chunky weave on top. The (4) hanging leather legs each have (2) small punched leather twists and (1) natural wooden bead adorning them. The leather twists have holes punched in them and are great fun for pets to pull. The natural wooden beads can be chewed apart and manipulated on the leather legs. On the bottom of each leather leg is a chunky knot keeping the parts on the leg.

This bird toy offers wonderful chewing experience for pets in small size cages. The parts on the toy are straightforward and inviting for birds to interact with. The parts are all easy for beaks and feet of different sizes to grab. The leather is made in the USA, is very high quality and vegetable tanned. Vegetable tanned leather is one of the best bird toy materials as it offers a safe, substantial and tough to chew material. 

The parts on this toy are fun to chew, pull, tug and investigate. The toys design is made to appeal to curious pets from anywhere in the cage.

This hand-made bird toy varies slightly in shape and size as its made with natural leather.


Height: (6) inches or (15.24) cm

Width: (2) inches or (5.08) cm

Weight: Under (2) oz

A bird safe chewing aviary toy

Individually hand-crafted by Mai in our small Florida shop

Customer Reviews

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I have two African Greys that absolutely L...

I have two African Greys that absolutely LOVE these toys!!

Exceptional quality and speedy customer se...

Exceptional quality and speedy customer service!!

My little ear biter has been obsessed with...

My little ear biter has been obsessed with this toy

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