1064 One Manimal Party

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The 1064 One Manimal Party from M&M Bird Toys is an enticing and easy to play with toy. This small size hanging bird toy has bright colors and fun plastic pieces.

At the top of each toy is a quick link connector. This lets the toy be hung easily in the cage. From here a sturdy link chain hangs down ending with a sturdy metal ring. Near the top of the link chain hangs a sturdy metal ring that dangles a metal bell and a colorful plastic triangle. The link chain is shiny and interesting for pets to interact with. The sturdy ring on the bottom hangs a translucent beer mug. This mug has a large opening and can be stuffed with shredding, foraging and other material. Dangling from the beer mug handle is a large sturdy metal ring that’s adorned with a small metal bell and colorful manimal figure.

This simple toy has interesting plastic parts that are easy for pets to play with. The beer mug is smooth with lots of different designs. The manimal figure has slotted hands and body that’s very interesting for beaks and feet. All the pieces of the toy hang loosely and jingle about. Straightforward toys like these are excellent for all kinds of breeds, especially those that are leery towards new toys.

This hand-made bird toy ships in bright assorted bird pleasing colors for all its parts except the chain and metal rings.


Height: (7.5) inches or (19.05) cm

Width: (3.5) inches or (8.89) cm

Depth: (1.5) inch or (3.81) cm

Weight: Under (2) ounces

A bird safe cage toy

Individually hand-crafted by us in our small Florida shop

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This is SO cute . My budgie adores the lit...

This is SO cute . My budgie adores the little Manimals! The quality is perfect! It matched the description 100%! And it exceeded my expectations! You just can't got wrong with these handmade toys! Mai and Max have the bird toy touch in this market for me! How about you? Better get them while they last! Thank you and thank you again and again! Merry Christmas!!

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