5080 Super Shreddy Vine Balls

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The 5080 Super Shreddy Vine Balls Pk4 from M&M Bird Toys are very bird enticing shreddable foot toys. 

This pack includes (4) ready to play with Super Shreddy Vine Balls. These balls are made from all natural rattan vine pieces that have been woven into a sphere. The vine lengths are great fun for pets to chew apart and grab. Each ball has been stuffed with a carefully blended mix of pet safe brightly colored shred paper. The color combination used for the balls is super bird enticing and makes them stand out in any aviary. The contrasting colors look beautiful and drive pets to come and shred from anywhere in the cage.

Brightly colored foraging toys are a delight for any pet to enjoy. All pet birds need to chew and vine balls are an ideal toy to provide this activity. The balls are fun to manipulate and the paper is fun to pull out. These foot toys can be played with as is, hung up around the cage and added to other toys.

These natural vine balls vary slightly in shape and size as they are 100% natural, handwoven and hand stuffed.

Single Ball Specification:

Diameter: (3) inches or (7.6) cm

Weight: Under (0.5) ounces

100% bird safe

Hand-made in our small shop

Customer Reviews

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My U2 loves paper shreds. When she empties...

My U2 loves paper shreds. When she empties the balls, I scoop the paper up and shove it back in. She loves the game.

Love these for budgie enrichment!

Love these for budgie enrichment!

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