What are four great bird toys for small pets?

Bird pet owners all know the importance of having a minimum of three or more toys available at all times to keep their bird busy. Learn more below!

Birds are highly intelligent creatures and who thoroughly enjoy interacting with toys. Bird toys should be rotated periodically to keep pets from getting bored.

1024 Dolphin Diving Puller M&M Bird Toys

In choosing a toy it is important to note if the toy size is suitable for the size of your pet bird. Pay attention to the toy parts to make sure it is a good fit, especially if your bird is a small one. Small size birds are less destructive than larger birds and safety is of a great concern due to their more fragile small size. Below are three toys that will keep your small bird’s mind and body completely happy.

5510 Skinny Sola Logs

The 5510 Skinny Sola Logs are soft spongy  logs are cut from the sola plant. These foot toys are perfect for small birds. Made from the sola plant, the material is light weight and easy to break apart. The small birds will have loads of fun mimicking their innate foraging behaviors like chewing, shredding or breaking these natural sola logs into small pieces. These logs will definitely satisfy the bird’s natural instinctual foraging drive found in nature.These logs are so versatile and can be creatively used in many ways to keep the small cute birds entertained. The logs can be hung up on the cage allowing the bird nibble on it while it swings. Also, due to its lightweight, the skinny logs are perfect for being kicked around as a fun foot toy.

1024 Dolphin Diving Puller

The 1024 Dolphin Diving Puller is an adorable bird toy that will surely keep small curious pets engaged and happy. This toy is definitely for dolphin lovers; however its cuteness will win both the bird’s and owner’s heart. This interactive toy is made of a sturdy plastic ball with holes all around that pets can grab with their beak or feet. The bird safe metal links runs through the center of the ball and ends with a shiny beautiful smooth textured dolphin dangling at the end. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but the different parts on the toy are fun for pets to explore. The diving dolphins sit loosely and have small ringing metal bells hanging. To finalize all the fun, there is a bigger bell at the bottom that makes exciting sounds. This is an excellent handmade, unique and beautiful essential must have toy.

1020 Paci Spoon Beater 

The 1020 Paci Spoon Beater is an delight to look at and appealing to all types of pet birds. This is a delightfully cute toy that keeps pets busy for hours. It is handmade of high quality stainless steel and all bird safe toy parts. This perfect smaller size toy will not only visually thrill your bird, but will also be also make exciting sounds for their ears when shaken or pulled. The shiny translucent acrylic pacifiers and vibrant beads reflect of the gleaming stainless steel spoons giving off a cascade of colors that will surely keep your birds full attention. The texture of the toy is all smooth all along the toy. The bird can safely run their beak along all the lines, curves and many different textures. This active toy can be pulled, grabbed and  swing in all different directions providing nonstop fun. Every part of the 1020 Paci Spoon Beater exudes fun from top to bottom. This toy is an attention getter in the aviary.

3002 Pk8 Plastic Puzzle Piece 

An excellent straightforward and durable foot toy for small pets its the 3002 Plastic Puzzle Piece foot toy. These are simple and colorful bird foot toys. They are made of durable plastic with super smooth all edges all around. This makes it very enjoyable for all breeds of birds to explore each piece. The puzzle pieces are light weight so that even small birds can easily manipulate them. These puzzle pieces are so versatile, they can be hung up to swing around the cage or just given to the birds as a fun foot toy. Overall, these puzzle pieces are a great way to play the birds beak and feet. But the most important aspect of the puzzle pieces are that they help stimulate your pet birds brain. Stacking or tossing these puzzle pieces around is a sure way to keep the bird’s inquisitive brain from being bored.

 3002 Pk8 Plastic Puzzle Piece M&M Bird Toys

Each bird is unique as each human. When choosing a toy, keep in mind that the type of bird toy a bird likes depends of the bird’s species, personality, likes and dislikes. See what your bird likes, and purchase similar toys to ensure a happy bird. However, playing with the same type of toys may lead to bird boredom or even to birds developing self destructive behaviors. Just have fun with your bird by learning and figuring what brings them joy. When buying a toy, remember to have fun, be creative and use your imagination. Your bird will thank you with lots of love.


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