What All-Natural Shredding Material Do Birds Go Nuts For? (Hint: It's not Nuts)

Pets birds go nuts for Natural Sola Toys. This lightweight material is thrilling to chew for beaks and easy for feet to grab, learn more here.

5115 Medium Mandarin Sola Muncher

The 5115 Medium Mandarin Sola Muncher offers a variety of elements for a foraging and shredding toy. It's also great for tactile enrichment.

The 5115 Medium Mandarin Sola Muncher is perfect for medium to small birds. Parrotlets, Conures, African Grey Parrots, and Cockatiels are just a few of the birds that will love this toy. Besides the Sola Ball, it offers a quick link connector, corrugated cardboard, and jute twine for great variety.

5115 Medium Mandarin Muncher Main

Sola is an excellent material for nesting, foraging, and chewing material. It's very lightweight, and non toxic. Sola is an aquatic plant, and the sola material comes from the stem of the plant. To a bird, the feel of the sola ball offers excellent variety in tactile feedback. It feels good to explore with their feet, and to sink their beak into this versatile material. You can read more about sola here.

5115 Medium Mandarin Sola Muncher Chain Top

The 5115 Medium Mandarin Sola Muncher begins with a quick link connector, which allows you to quickly and easily hang your newest toy wherever you like in the cage or aviary. A chain hangs down from the connector, to a wire that passes down through the center of the toy. The wire passes through two (2) squares of corrugated cardboard, through a block of sola material, two (2) more squares of corrugated cardboard, and then through the sola ball itself. 

5115 Medium Mandarin Sola Muncher Body

Beneath the sola ball are two (2) more squares of corrugated cardboard and a hook in the bottom end of the wire to prevent everything from sliding off. A generous amount of jute string is tied in a knot and suspended from this hook. With this variety of elements, your companion bird will have plenty of things to explore. Each of the top elements can be spun around the center wire for added excitement.

 5115 Medium Mandarin Sola Muncher Jute Twine

The 5115 Medium Mandarin Sola Muncher is nine (9) inches (22.8cm) high, by three (3) inches (7.6cm) wide and weighs under three (3) ounces (85g). It is handmade in our small Florida shop and is 100% bird safe!

 5115 Medium Mandarin Sola Muncher Hand

5112 Sola Popcorn Shredder

5112 Sola Popcorn Shredder Movie

The 5112 Sola Popcorn Shredder is a party in a bag! Inside a new, movie-grade popcorn bag are small pieces of sola material. Both the bag and contents can be shredded. Read on to find out more!

5112 Sola Popcorn Shredder Main

Over time, it may become difficult to find new and exciting ways to present foraging and shredding toys to your companion bird. The 5112 Sola Popcorn Shredder is one exciting new way to do so. You have a couple of options in how you use this toy. Either store the sola material inside the popcorn bag and pour a little out at a time for your bird buddy to enjoy. Or, give your little warrior the entire bag and let them go to town. 

5112 Sola Popcorn Shredder Poured

By putting the 5112 Sola Popcorn Shredder bag either on the floor, or the bottom of the cage or aviary, you give your bird the opportunity to tear their way in and find out what's on the inside. This can really satisfy their innate desire to fend for themselves and forage for their own supplies, be that food, or nesting material. 

 5112 Sola Popcorn Shredder Pieces

Sola is the perfect material for destroying, as it comes apart fairly easily, without being too easy. It's light weight, and it doesn't splinter, which makes it very safe for your bird to reduce to a bit of fluff. Your bird can hold it with their feet, and shred it with their beak to their heart's delight!

5112 Sola Popcorn Shredder Hand 

The 5112 Sola Popcorn Shredder is six (6) inches (15cm) high, three and a half (3.5) inches (9cm) wide, and two (2) inches (5cm) deep. It weighs under two (2) ounces (56.6g). It has two (2) neatly punched holes in either side of the top, with a length of natural twine tied at either hole, holding it closed. It can be hung up for storage, or in the cage or aviary.

1561 Tutu Chew (1Pk, 2Pk, or 3Pk)

1561 Tutu Chew M&M Bird Toys

 The 1561 Tutu Chew offers wooden beads, a colorful plastic straw and a small sola ball with paper cupcake holders in a pleasing and colorful presentation. Keep reading to find out more!

At the top of the 1561 Tutu Chew is a quick link connector for quick and easy placement in the cage, aviary or playpen. Hanging from this connector is a wire that acts as the backbone of the toy. A hook at the top hangs from the connector. All of the other elements revolve around this wire.

1561 Tutu Chew Top Wire

The central wire passes through a colorful wooden bead, a short plastic straw, then another wooden bead on its way to the sola ball. It continues on through the sola material, and through two (2) paper cupcake holders that come in a variety of patterns and colors. These cupcake holders are turned up, to hug the bottom of the sola ball.

1561 Tutu Chew Body

There are another two (2) cupcake holders that are turned down, making it sort of look like this toy is wearing a tutu. At the bottom of the wire, another hook is formed, to keep everything in place, and a small tinkling metal bell hangs from this hook to finish out the bottom of the 1561 Tutu Chew.

1561 Tutu Chew Body

There is a lot to love about this toy. It has wood, plastic, sola, paper, and metal elements. A bell for a little noise making, sola and paper for shredding and foraging. Both of these elements will feel great on those little feet. Beaks love to dive into sola material, and there's going to be a lot of sensory feedback from this little toy, providing a good deal of enrichment for your feathered friend.

1561 Tutu Chew Blue Stripe

The wooden beads and plastic straw provide a little more substantial chewing satisfaction, for those more robust beaks. The 1561 Tutu Chew comes in a 1-pack, 2-pack, or 3-pack. It is seven (7) inches (17.78cm) high, three and a quarter (3.25) inches (8.25cm) wide, and weighs under three (3) ounces (85g). It is lovingly made in our small shop from 100% bird safe materials.

1561 Tutu Chew Hand

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