The Parrotlet Blog: Understanding the Parrotlet

A Parrotlet is a BIG bird trapped inside a tiny body. They are beautiful vibrant colored tiny parrots with big personalities. Keep reading to learn more. 

Two Parrotlets on Perch Right

The parrotlet is one of the most popular pet birds.

These parrots are highly intelligent, affectionate and charming. A member of the Psittacidae family it is adorably the smallest species of parrots. Do not let their small (5) inch length average size fool you.

Happy Parrotlet on Perch

Beautiful and rambunctious!

These birds are even smaller than a Budgie but surprisingly, the Parrotlet's closest cousin is the amazing larger than life Amazon Parrot. This may account for the Parrotlet's inquisitive and robust outgoing personality.

Parrotlet Amazon Comparison

A small size with a huge personality.

Yet, they only chirp or screech as no screaming makes them an ideal indoor pet. The Parrotlet is also a top choice for a pet bird due to their ability to be taught to speak (5) to (10) words or phrases, with some as many as 200 words. With love and proper care these tiny bundles of cuteness can live up to (15) years or more. However, preparation and care is essential to ensure a happy and healthy long Parrotlet life. 

Happy Parrotlet on Hand Right

Beautiful, affectionate, playful, love filled feathered friends!

Understanding a Parrotlet's personality is the key to make a Parrotlet happy. "A Parrotlet is often referred as the "terriers" of the parrot world." [The Parrotlet Handbook- Barron's]  Because of their bold, feisty and curious nature, the Parrotlet must have constant stimulation. It is important to for the owner to spend time with them on a daily basis. Just as important is when the owner is busy and the Parrotlet is left alone, a variety of toys is necessary to keep the parrot occupied  and happy on its own.

Happy Parrotlet Scratches

A key part to a Parrotlet's happiness if finding fun and safe toys to entertain this curious cute creature.  In the world of Parrotlets, their playful nature makes the world around them  a fun game. These tiny bundles of energy can spend hours swinging, climbing and playing. Because of their intelligence, a parrotlet can become bored easily. It is necessary to rotate and keep a variety of different toys to keep the parrotlet interested and happy. 

1005 Foot Gear Ringer

The 1005 Foot Gear Ringer is a great small bird toy with enticing moveable parts.

When looking to buy your Parrotlet a new toy, keep in mind the key feature is of a toy is safety.

1020 Paci Spoon Beater

Like seen here on the 1020 Paci Spoon Beater look for safe sturdy parts, bird safe chain & stainless steel.

Chains should be welded properly and large enough to prevent the parrotlet's beak or toenail from getting trapped in it. Never buy a toy that has has been colored with unknown paints or dyes. Most importantly, stay away from any toy that may contain lead or zinc in it.

1006 Nutty Ring

The 1006 Nutty Ring has lots of interesting, moving, turnable, parts 

Toys to consider should be sturdy and well made, since parrotlets have strong beaks. Another important toy to consider are foot toys, as parrotlets use their feet as humans use hands. It is common for parrotlets to hold food or toys with their feet. Due to this reason foot toys are essential for any parrotlet owner.

5104 Pk4 Small Sola Balls

Sola Balls are delightful shredding foot toys.


Also, other toys that a parrotlet would enjoy should provide motion and movement to satisfy their relentless energy. Leather, soft wood and natural fiber ropes will provide good material for parrotlets love of chewing. 

1037 Mini Leather Spider

The 1037 Mini Leather Spider is compact, easy to hang from and perfect for chewing. 

The parrotlet unlike most parrots do not destroy their toys. They are amazing acrobats and can tumble or hang with agility. It is not surprisingly to see a parrotlet play with several toys at once. Such as hanging on a metal rope while chewing on leather and striking a bell. A parrotlet can definitely throw a party on its own.

Parrotlets on Perch Cage

Wheres the party?! :D 

A parrotlet is a definitely a one of a kind pet to own. Make sure to spend quality time each day with your parrotlet. Along with a healthy diet and a variety of toys, this tiny bundle of cuteness and you will enjoy a happy, healthy fun-filled life together. 

Parrotlet eating Millet with Owner

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